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JMark is a Houston-based development and construction company that has 40+ years of industry experience with a specialized focus on multifamily & student housing projects throughout the United States.  We offer a full spectrum of services from development and acquisitions to construction management.  



At JMark, we offer construction loan monitoring services that mitigate risk and ensure successful project completions.  From the initial Document and Cost Review to monthly site inspections and reporting, we work directly with project teams to handle issues as they arise and facilitate cost-effective solutions. 

We have an extensive database and a seasoned team of professionals that can provide accurate assessments based on geographic region and comparable project types, cost, time, and experience.  


Our JMark Development & Construction team is ready to turn your dreams into reality.  With our general contracting services, we will partner with you to create a safe, efficient, and cost-effective plan to bring your project to life.

From pre-construction to finish, JMark can handle the many unique challenges that arise along the way - offering scheduling, quality control, and supervise day-to-day operations.

Construction Site Managers

& Disbursement

Lenders can trust that they will have experienced construction consultants on their side with the JMark team.  We closely monitor each project to make sure that work, documentation, and disbursements are carried out correctly and on time. 

From small scale projects to large ones, we understand loan issuance risks and methodically focus on your return on investment.   



We understand the stress, money and time spent by owners throughout the construction process.  When you hire JMark as an owner’s representative, you can trust that your interests and investment will be safeguarded throughout each stage of your project.


From scope development and design team procurement to permitting and construction, owners can be at ease with JMark’s expertise and resources.


JMark can assist lenders and clients seeking economical alternatives to bonding.  After project approval and a comprehensive budget and contractor review, we can offer completion guarantees on projects with hard costs not exceeding certain thresholds.

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JMark can assist with custom asset management services by providing a stabilized or occupied property for investors and syndicators. 


Our team of professionals will work together with property managers and maintenance teams to review warranties and upkeep, assess property conditions, and provide on-going consulting and any outstanding estimating needs.     


JMark can assist during the due diligence process with thorough Property Condition Assessment (PCA) reporting that can satisfy ASTM E2018-15 guidelines as well as any requirements from Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, HUD, and numerous state agencies.  

We also know how to prepare for possible setbacks with professional budget preparation and consulting services that include cost approach estimates, costs to cure deferred maintenance items, costs to complete, replacements costs, replacement analysis, and insurable value estimates.



You want to ensure that risk is minimized and your resources are being spent prudently.  At JMark, we take every step to protect your investment.  Our team is here to help you feel more secure in your multifamily housing projects and ensure work is moving ahead within a sufficient time frame. 

We work with contractors to build a detailed capital needs assessment, so our clients can easily see the full scope of the needs of their property.  We examine the existing condition and any physical needs that require immediate attention to those that need to be addressed over the term.   Our reporting will cover any adverse property conditions, deferred maintenance items, and any life safety & accessibility issues.  

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